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NFT projects keep growing in 2022 — meet the first-ever beer token

NFT projects. Bud Light N3XT. A review by a Bitcoin mixer: mixer.money
NFT projects keep growing in 2022 — meet the first-ever beer token

  1. Innovative beer
  2. And a new token
  3. An eco-friendly approach

NFT projects are gaining momentum! In February, the world’s largest beer producer will launch a new beer — Bud Light NEXT. This will follow the release of its first NFT collection titled Bud Light N3XT a day earlier.

Innovative beer

According to Anheuser-Busch Inbev, it has taken the company nearly 10 years to develop Bud Light Next. The resulting beverage is a zero-carb beer with 80 calories per can and 4% alcohol by volume. According to the official statement, the new beer is created specifically for “consumers who have long desired a beer that breaks the barriers of a traditional lager and offers the sessionability and stats of a seltzer”.

“As Bud Light enters 2022, we are pushing the beer category to new heights with the launch of Bud Light NEXT, our first-ever zero carb beer. Today’s consumers are all about breaking barriers, being trailblazers and setting their own path. We are proud to introduce this new super crisp beer which is brewed to meet their evolving taste preferences; it’s a truly symbolic innovation that celebrates the barrier breakers who like us embrace possibility,” the company’s VP of Marketing Andy Goeler said in his statement.

And a new token

The Bud Light N3XT collection will be launched on February 6 and will include 12,722 unique NFTs featuring the signature color hues of Bud Light Next. The NFTs will be available to buyers over 21 years of age and will cost $399 per each token. Those who buy the new NFTs will be able to vote on future products and get access to events organized by the brand and its partners.

Each unique token has a background that consists of two parts as well as an icon representing the brand’s passions — beer, music, gaming, culture, and entertainment in general.

The Bud Light N3XT collection

According to a statement by Anheuser-Busch Inbev, the company will promote the project during the four minutes of its Super Bowl ad time on February 13. The 30-second commercial during Super Bowl LVI costs $6.5 million compared to $5.6 million charged by CBS last year for Super Bowl LV.

An eco-friendly approach

According to the company’s website, the brand is tracking its carbon impact by cooperating with a carbon footprint tracking company. The manufacturer aims to ensure carbon neutrality of all NFT-related projects launched both this year and in the future.

NFTs can be purchased on the company’s website at budlight.com/nextnft by using Ethereum, Bitcoin, or credit card like any other products. Unfortunately, the new NFTs will only be available in the United States.

The new NFTs can be purchased on the company’s website using Ethereum

It should also be noted that NFTs do not include commercial rights. This suggests that this is mainly a marketing project.

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