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The EOSIO blockchain is preparing for a hard fork

EOSIO is in danger. Review of bitcoin mixer mixer.money
The EOSIO blockchain is preparing for a hard fork

  1. EOSIO is in danger
  2. What is Antelope?

On August 17, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) announced that Antelope would be used as the base protocol for EOSIO blockchains. This community-driven blockchain protocol will be supported by the members of the ENF, including Telos, Wax, EOS, and UX Network.

The foundation’s vice president of communications Zack Gall said that the hard fork of the EOSIO blockchain code was scheduled for September 21, when the transition to Antelope would take place. Since this is a hard fork, all the computers or nodes of the participants will have to be updated in order to continue working under the new protocol.

EOSIO is in danger

All this is due to the fact that ENF has decided to file a lawsuit against Block.one, the organization that originally developed the EOS network, due to problems with abuse of office. In 2021, Block.one stopped supporting the development of EOISO, jeopardizing the blockchain. Therefore, in the fall of 2021, ENF began working on initiatives designed to study the possibilities of coordinating blockchains based on EOSIO, as well as to preserve and improve their codebase.

ENF organized a fork of the EOSIO codebase to launch a project called “Mandel”. This project was given to EOSIO developers to improve the technical aspects and formalize the agreed update. Mandel became a placeholder for the then-unnamed brand that would replace EOSIO. As soon as ENF presented Antelope as this project, Mandel lost its relevance.

“The code was already forked back in February by the ENF and we’ve already added many new features and capabilities to that code, which today became known as Antelope,” the foundation’s VP commented. He also mentioned that “the code has been running on testnets for a while” before the hard fork.

The use of Antelope as a basic blockchain is of great importance, because Block.one has stopped supporting EOSIO (EOS). Therefore, Antelope will be responsible for updating the community.

What is Antelope?

It is an open-source blockchain as well as a community-driven codebase. Antelope uses DPoS. The delegated proof-of-stake consensus model was developed based on the proof-of-stake model, in which users vote and select delegates to validate every next block. Within the DPO, delegates are known as block producers.

Antelope blockchain. Review of bitcoin mixer mixer.money

The range of applications of Antelope is very wide: from supply chain management and DeFi to games and NFTs. The Antelope Coalition has already submitted requests for proposals, including ones for faster final processing, software development Kits (SKD) and peer-to-peer code improvements.

Yves La Rose, the CEO and executive director of the EOS Network Foundation, has stated, “We are building upon over four years of battle-hardened code, and the cumulative knowledge of four [layer 1 blockchains] leveraging each other’s strengths, all united behind the Antelope protocol.”

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