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What do experts think about the crypto industry’s future? Crypto predictions for 2022.

Crypto predictions for 2022
What do experts think about the crypto industry’s future? Crypto predictions for 2022.

  1. Web 3.0 will be in the spotlight
  2. Institutional investments into the crypto industry will continue
  3. 2022 will be another year of NFTs and Metaverse

Many people still do not know a thing about cryptocurrencies. Blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi are not household terms. However, some are already excited about Bitcoin and other coins and interested in this new way of making money. Moreover, cryptocurrency is not the only promising financial technology. What are the crypto industry’s predictions for 2022?

Web 3.0 will be in the spotlight

Many experts believe that Web 3.0 has only started to develop and will become significantly more important in 2022. This sub-sector aims to develop decentralized possibilities, which is why its users will take center stage in this growing technology.

Crypto predictions: Web 3.0 will be in the spotlight. A review by a Bitcoin mixer: mixer.money

Julian Sawyer is the Chief Executive Officer at Bitstamp, the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange. He believes that customer interaction is a very important aspect of the operation of high technology systems.

“In crypto especially, we use tech to drive our products and our business, however, our customer service is a space where we can be human. The technical jargon in our industry is what causes customers to get confused or frustrated and we strive to be a place where people can enter the market with confidence,” he commented.

“In 2022, the focus should be on innovating products that provide a better customer experience, not to use the technology to separate potential customers out. As more people talk about metaverses, cyborgs and alternative realities, I’m betting that people are going to want to talk to real people.”

Matt Zhang, founder of Hivemind Capital Partners — an Algorand-based crypto investment firm that has raised $1.5 billion — agrees with that. He also believes that DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) will completely transform the future of user engagement, starting with the technology sector.

“In 2022, we will see more companies explore alternative governance models using DAO and blockchain technology,” Zhang said.

“This trend will be particularly obvious in the consumer tech sector, where consumers’ feedback on products shapes the longevity of the companies that provide those services in the first place.”

Institutional investments into the crypto industry will continue

Although 2021 has already been labeled the year of institutional cryptocurrency adoption, the industry experts believe that considering the economic problems and the current state, institutional flows will continue next year.

According to Diogo Monica, President of Anchorage Digital Bank – the first federally-chartered digital asset bank in history, institutional crypto adoption is a transfer of wealth from one generation to another. This is indicated by a developing industry with various asset classes.

“It’s no longer just speculative investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum; we’re talking about NFTs, DeFi, remittances, capital preservation, and many other verticals,” commented Diogo Monica. “We’ll also see Bitcoin continue to act as a hedge against inflation, which continues to be important as rates rise.

Finally, banks and fintechs will continue to add support for crypto services across the board, as 2021 has shown us that the massive transfer of wealth to the millennial generation is well under way, and their needs are much different than their predecessors.”

According to Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains — a leading provider of NFT domain names, this year, stablecoins have demonstrated amazing performance, proving that cryptocurrency can be a truly great instrument for both individuals and banks.

“Stablecoins had a breakout year in 2021, reaching a market cap of over $152 billion. I predict that by 2024, the total market cap of stablecoins will reach $1 trillion,” highlighted Gould.

“The biggest thing that’s going to win over crypto skeptics is utility, and stablecoins are the best example of this – stablecoins represent everything good about crypto without the speculation or the FOMO aspect, especially when you look at regulated stablecoins like USDC.”

2022 will be another year of NFTs and Metaverse

According to Kosala Hemachandra, Founder and CEO at MyEtherWallet, the hype around NFTs will continue in 2022 because NFTs will finally be used in real life.

“In 2022, I’m looking forward to physical items such as car titles and house deeds becoming NFTs. This will introduce a whole new game to crypto. NFTs are easy to understand, similar to collectibles in the real world. Every wave of NFTs brings something new to the table, which means we haven’t even seen the full glory of NFTs yet,” said Hemachandra.

2022 will be another year of NFTs and Metaverse

Colin Pape, Founder at Presearch, spoke about the future of the metaverse and claimed that 2022 would be the year when centralized organizations and decentralized networks will battle for the ownership of online interactions.

“Our collective shift towards the metaverse will continue to accelerate. This raises major concerns about privacy. It’s not just your Facebook account, it’s a shift to everything being online. Centralized companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon will vie for control over our digital lives, so we need to focus on building a future that is a net positive,” commented Pape.

He added that “the best way to do this is by offering alternatives to big tech platforms. As we shift towards a future in the metaverse, we should prioritize decentralized, open-source platforms, and educate people on alternatives to the centralized big tech platforms they use every day”.

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