1. What is a bitcoin mixer?
  2. What is the cost of mixing and how long does it take to have my Bitcoins cleansed?
  3. How many transfer confirmations should there be before the mixing starts? Can this be sped up?
  4. I accidentally closed my browser. What will happen to my money?
  5. How long does the generated address for transfer remain valid?
  6. Do you store any logs?
  7. What are the maximum and minimum transfer amounts?
  8. Why should I trust you with my money? What is a letter of guarantee?
  9. I did't receive my money back. What do I do?
Bitcoin has a grave disadvantage - any transaction can be tracked down through blockchain. A Bitcoin mixer's job is to mix clients' coins in a way that makes the tracking if not infeasible then horribly difficult and time-consuming. A classical Bitcoin tumbler, however, can be very ineffective in this respect as it basically accepts coins with any history and can end up passing this dangerous money over from one client to another. As opposed to this type of mixing services, we have an integrated cleansing feature. This functionality initiates a mixing procedure that results in your receiving clean verified coins from major stock exchanges .

Cleansing takes up to 6 hours and the cost ranges from 4 to 5% +0,00015btc

Important!!! The cleansing process starts only after the confirmation of your incoming transaction.

We need one confirmation by the Bitcoin network. There is, unfortunately, no way we could speed this up. Normally, confirming transactions with a high miner fee does not take longer than 5-10 min. Transfers with a very low miner fee, however, can take days to confirm.

If you have sent your Bitcoins to the mixer, they will be returned to you within a timeframe stipulated in your letter of guarantee and the terms of a chosen mixing mode. If you happen to have failed sending your coins to our wallet, the mixing will not start and your money will not go anywhere. If the latter is the case, go ahead and create a new request for mixing.

The address for transfer remains valid for 5 days. All transfers made after this time will not be accepted. Please make sure you are acting within this timeframe.

We do not store logs. All data related to mixing requests gets deleted 24 hours after the cleansing is completed. The only evidence of your use of a mixing service is a letter of guarantee we provide.

The minimum transfer amount is 0,001 btc (also the only possible amount for free trial users). Any transfers below this limit will be regarded as donations. The maximum transfer amount per one request is 50 btc.

We use PGP-signed letters of guarantee to address possible disputes and emerging problems. A guarantee letter contains all terms of a cleansing offer and our PGP signature. The authenticity of this document is easily checked but cannot be forged. To verify you letter of guarantee, use any PGP client and our public key. A detailed the instruction is here. Should you have any complaints regarding your request, send us your letter of guarantee. As for the transfer of cleansed money back to your receiving address(es), blockchain will always provide an infallible evidence if there was one or not.

Do not panic! Check with blockchain.info about your transfer - make sure you did send money to the right input address. If there is proof that your transfer was successfully executed but your money has not arrived at your forward-to address(es), reach out to us, providing your letter of guarantee. We will try and fix the problem as soon as we can.