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  5. Applies for both modes is a Bitcoin tumbler with extended anonymization functionality. While the so-called “classical” mixers traditionally anonymize clients’ money by the way of mixing it with other clients’ coins, goes to greater lengths. The service partners with independent investors worldwide to use their cryptocurrency holdings for mixing purposes. runs the bitcoin.mixer 2.0 algorithm powered by Jambler. The algorithm carries out multi-layered cleansing that achieves complete anonymity and a clean track record for your coins.

A deep dive into how it works

The platform offers the usual feature-set of classical mixers in its “Mixer” mode whereas in the “Complete anonymity” mode it delivers an unmatched level of anonymity. The modes differ as to how they work and resist deanonymization. Aforementioned investors are independent traders with accounts at crypto stock exchanges who sell their output transactions to

The platform runs a scoring procedure for each incoming coin so to check its reliability and purchase it for its reserves. The service liaises with over 100 stock exchanges around the globe and controls the money inflow around the clock – if the algorithm detects a shortfall it blasts notification messages to investors and quickly tops up the reserves. Coins with dark history are never let in. Money that has passed the scoring goes to transit(intermediary) wallets (there is a dedicated wallet for each investor) and is used to make clients’ transactions untraceable. Clients of the “Mixer” mode receive coins of the Complete anonymity mode users, whereas the latter get clean coins from Bitcoin stock exchanges.

Be sure to check out the infographic below for a better understanding of the processes.
Work alghorithm | | Bitcoin mixer 2.0

Clients of the “Mixer” mode receive coins of the Complete anonymity mode users, whereas the latter get clean coins from Bitcoin stock exchanges.

“Complete anonymity” mode (Strongest protection)

As you might know, deanonymization systems are currently on the rise – there has been a series of precedents showing how easily clients of bitcoin mixers can be exposed. The “Complete anonymity” mode demonstrates by far the highest resistance to deanonymization attacks and safeguards your privacy(read more in “9 services for Bitcoin tracking“)

Unlike classical bitcoin mixers, the tech of the “Complete anonymity” option is superior and, therefore, the fee here ranges from 4 to 5% (+0,0007 BTC), the cleansing time is up to 6 hours, and the deposit amount – from 0,003 to 50 BTC.

For starters, clients’ and investors’ money does not get mixed. Your coins go to the premixer to be anonymized, then split into randomized parts and sent to investors at different stock exchanges. In return you receive coins at two receiving addresses from other(!) investors and, consequently, other stock exchanges. does not turn around the same coins over and over again; its smart algorithms run an ongoing filtering of incoming funds, evaluate their reliability, let money in and out. As a result, any digital traces whatsoever of links between the owner of coins or other clients disappear for good.

The possibility of getting your old coins or money with dark history is ruled out. You do not need to rely on mixer codes or conversion to altcoins – you have an advanced anonymization tool at your fingertips.

How does the “Complete anonymity” handle bitcoin cleansing?

  • The system picks transit wallets that can be zeroed by transferring clean coins to client’s receiving addresses. In this manner we avoid generating extra addresses for change which could be spotted by cluster analysis.
  • It is the mixer that sets an optimal cleansing timeframe, not the client. As practice shows, if given the choice, users tend to shorten the time and by doing so increase the chances of deanonymization by means of volume analysis
  • The platform doesn’t let the client meddle into setting a percentage breakdown of cleansed money to be returned to receiving addresses. If the client set the ratio, it would gum up the system’s selection of a suitable transit wallet that would be supposed to return the money without change – meaning, deanonymization systems would be able to see the pattern and apply cluster analysis.

“Mixer” mode (Low protection)

The “Mixer” mode is designed for clients who are not looking for advanced anonymization. This option has a low commission of 1-1,5%+0,00035BTC and a short cleansing timeframe of up to 2 hours. The amount of deposit is from 0,001 to 1 BTC for each mixing order. Clean coins are transferred back to only one receiving address.

The client’s money is taken to premixer1 (check the infographic above), anonymized and then sent to stock exchanges. The client receives the cleansed money of the Complete anonymity mode users, from premixer 2. This is where and classical mixers are alike – ultimately, users get other clients’ coins.

It is worth mentioning that coins of the Complete anonymity clients do not go through scoring. That said, the history behind them might eventually be associated with you, not its original owner. Besides, there are a few more things that must be considered before going with this option:

  1. Pretty much like in all classical mixers the very fact of using a mixer can be registered through cluster analysis – this is a known downside of classical tumblers
  2. There is a risk of receiving coins of questionable origin.
  3. If you used the ‘complete anonymity’ mode during the past 24 hours there is a risk of getting your old coins back as we neither require registration nor track clients.

Despite some limitations, the Mixer mode meets the basic requirements for cryptocurrency anonymization. However, if you go for the “Complete anonymity” mode, you will see all those constraints removed.

Compare modes

Mixer Complete anonymity
Commission 1-1,5%+0,00035 BTC 4-5% +0,0007 BTC
Cleansing time 0-2 hours 0-6 hours
Output transactions 1 2
Anonymization in premixer yes yes
Origin of coins other clients stock exchanges
100% clean coins no yes
The fact of using a mixer can be revealed no yes
Resistance to volume analysis low high
Resistance to taint analysis medium high
Resistance to cluster analysis low high

     -good;      -mediocre;      -bad;

Applies to both modes:

  • doesn’t store logs or attribute ID to clients. Neither do we require registration or use mixer codes
  • The platform generates a letter of guarantee with a PGP signature for each mixing order – it can and should be used to contact our support team in case of disputes or complaints б
  • The address to which you send your money for mixing remains valid throughout 7 days Vs. 24-48 hours in most mixers – clients who send their coins from stock exchanges or other online platforms should find this feature very handy as output transactions can get delayed
  • tech support in English and Russian
  • Tor-friendly. To guarantee your anonymity, we had to disable Javascript in the Tor version of the website and ended up switching off some of the features like ‘calculator’ and ‘transaction detector’ as they would require Javascript
  • FREE trial – you can take a no-obligation test drive to see firsthand how the service has a novel approach to the problem of cryptocurrency anonymization. We incorporated the best technologies to safely and efficiently counter modern deanonymization tools that threaten your privacy.